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Author:  Kamek [ Sun May 15, 2011 12:30 am ]
Post subject:  Downloads - Other

Here are some miscellaneous downloads that you might still be looking for if Google (or some other search engine) brought you here.

Final Fantasy Tactics GameShark Helper
This thing is old and outdated, and obsoleted by the fine tools provided at FFHacktics. But if you still need these for some reason, here they are.

FFT GameShark Helper v3.1 The original GameShark code creator for Final Fantasy Tactics, developed by me using AeroStar's mechanics and Gameshark guides as reference materials. You'll need a RAM dump of Final Fantasy Tactics PSX to use this.
FFTMEM The RAM dump of Final Fantasy Tactics PSX.
FFTJOBS A spreadsheet comparing various player and non-player classes.
FFT Random Challenge Generator Bonus download! This is a tool you can use to make your own Random Challenges for Final Fantasy Tactics. Pick your options, the number of party members, cross your fingers, hit "Generate", then go play the game using that setup. You can play the whole game with one team, or roll the dice before each battle and try to win using the setup you're given. If you decide to use non-player classes or play a different setup every battle, you might consider using a Gameshark or PEC code to master all your jobs first, just for sanity's sake.

Beatmania IIDX Sims
I made a beatmapped simchart for bmDX, to the tune of Yoshi's Theme from Tetris Attack. Check it out.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
Here are what's left of my RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 downloads. Nothing too imaginative, but you might have fun with them.

Hell (park) A "theme park" full of ridiculous, over-the-top roller coasters and rides. Most of these rides result in spectacular crashes or tremendous g-forces that would make your head explode just by looking at the coaster in motion.
Lightning Rod (coaster) A corkscrew coaster based on "Greezed Lightnin'" at the former Six Flags AstroWorld theme park in Houston, TX. This is my tribute to the park, which was closed down in 2005. Thanks for all the childhood memories, AstroWorld. You will be missed.
Gold Rush (coaster) A mini coaster. Not as good as Lightning Rod, but lasts longer. Also takes up more space.

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